As experienced software developers, Greg Dougherty and Ryan Danielsen were tired of running into ugly software and process. Over-engineering, bloated teams, inexperienced developers… it seemed like every bad practice found a way of infecting organizations and blowing budgets. So, they launched their own software consulting firm, laser-focused on matching client needs with the best local software developers. Their simple, streamlined and seasoned approach attracted the curious, kind and the pragmatic. The sort of people who get things done right. On budget. And on time.

Super. Go. Faster. Software done right.

The Facts
  • Software consulting firm founded in 2002
  • Twin Cities service region
  • 100+ clients, including 8 Fortune 500
  • Trusted network of 700+ independent consultants:
    • Software Developers & Architects
    • Agile Coaches & Scrum Masters
    • Business Analysts
    • Project Managers
    • QA Engineers
Finding the Best
Anyone can source techies. Super Go Faster digs deeper. Through several rounds of applications and expert interviews, our comprehensive screening process ensures we’re finding not only the right talent, but also the right personality to improve your business.
Our Team
We weren’t founded by salesmen or theorists, but seasoned developers with an infectious passion for software done right.