We don’t specialize, because we don’t believe that templated solutions are going to set your business apart. Our flexibility has given us a range of client partnerships—from Fortune 100s to startups, retail to healthcare. We work tirelessly to match clients with the right members of our extensive network of like-minded consultants.
“I was looking to build a small high performing agile team using newer technologies and strict TDD practices. After many painful weeks working with our national sourcing partners, we received zero valid candidates. After a 15 minute phone conversation with Super Go Faster, they were able to provide multiple candidates that were right in line with what we needed. They have access to a network of top talent that none of our other vendors do.”
– Super Go Faster Fortune 100 Client
What makes a good partner?®
Clients that share our vision for what the right software can do for their business thrive with us. They value quality and communication, team-focused environments and modern software languages. They view IT not as a necessary evil, but a competitive advantage.