Our consultants are requested by clients for their curiosity, flexibility and pragmatism. They’re effective and egoless communicators. They’re also pretty good with computers. And since we take lower margins than the industry standard, they’re a better value, too.
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If you’re looking to access the true path to enlightenment and self-discovery, you might be on the wrong website. But we can find you a killer project or great full time home.
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“Other recruiters are just moving bodies around…I feel like Super Go Faster really looks out for my best interests.”

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Our consultants are fast and effective because they understand software development is much more than just writing code. Pragmatism and communication are top priorities for us.
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Software consultants aren’t one-size-fits-all. We make thoughtful decisions to match the right consultant to the right client. We take not only skillsets into consideration, but also personality and culture fit.