Kudos to us

We do things our way … and it seems to be catching on.
As a result, people say nice things about us.


“Super Go Faster instills a very high level of confidence. I know the quality of the candidates will be the best and the fit will be perfect. Super Go Faster is also more upstanding than other recruiters. They’re super ethical.”

– Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture & Web Engineering, Fortune 100 Retailer

“I don’t want bagels and 20 resumes—I want a short-list of can’t-miss candidates.”

– Senior Manager at Fortune 100 Retailer


“Greg and Ryan vetted me personally. The level of honesty and transparency was pretty remarkable. I knew working with Super Go Faster was going to be a good move for me.”

– Super Go Faster consultant for 7 years


“They found me the kind of jobs I could never find on my own…and believe me, I’ve tried.”

– Independent ScrumMaster

“When my team sees the Super Go Faster logo on a resume, we know screening the resume is unnecessary.”

– Fortune 100 Retail Company’s
vendor management partner

“Super Go Faster has a reputation for getting great people…and I love being a part of that.”

– Software Engineer with 12 years freelance experience

Two big reasons.

“I use Super Go Faster for two reasons…

One, they are local developers, so they have credibility and better access to the local development community. Street cred goes a long way. 

Two, they listen and pay attention to what I’m looking for. They always refer consultants that are a perfect fit and contribute on day one.”

– Group Vice President, Technology
E-Commerce Technology Company

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If you’re interested in hearing more from our customers and consultants, check out all of the gory details in our independently-conducted research study.

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